Mistakes often pop up during a separation that will disintegrate all chances of getting your ex girlfriend back.  There are two very common mistakes that will be mentioned here that, if avoided, will help you in your efforts to get your ex girlfriend to come back to you. You just have to keep an eye open so you can avoid them.

Big Mistake (1) – Showing Desperation

Surprisingly enough, this happens in so many ways you might be afraid to do anything but sit in your room and pout. However, that’s not going to help your chances to get  her back either. The most common desperate act has been titled “Text Message Terrorism” because it really becomes a terror when she receives a constant inflow of messages and/or phone calls.

An overflow of messages becomes difficult to handle for your ex.  And when you say, “I really want you back, honey” in an attempt to tell your ex girl you’re ready for her to be back in your life she takes it as you can’t do anything without her and you’re just desperate to have someone.  This will just make her tired of hearing from you and ruin most of the chance you had before of getting back with your ex.

Big Mistake (2) – Looking For an “Easy Way Out” 

This can be turning to alcohol, drugs, food or just giving up on life all together.  It’s understandable that you’re going to feel lonely and hurt because you did love her and now getting your ex girlfriend back is what you want.  However, if you really care about her you’re not going to throw your life away.  If she really cared about you… she won’t want you to throw your life away either.  Alcohol could only become an addictive source of numbing the pain that doesn’t even help most of the time.  It will only cause you to do even more things you’ll later wish you hadn’t.