Getting to have your ex on that other end of the phone can be quite a riveting experience. This is for the simple reason that there is usually so much hullaballoo surrounding a breakup that often all we want to do is to slump in our seats and allow nature to take its course. This creates numerous difficulties in getting your ex to cooperate with you as you seek his audience. There is, however, a strategy that you could use to make sure that this happens relatively easily. This strategy revolves around leaving a carefully thought out message that will drastically increase the chances of your ex calling you back.

Make Him Call YouAll this has everything to do with key motivators that encourage people more than anything else that you will ever come across. This motivation will get your ex to calling you within a jiffy, yet they remain simple. The two motivators are curiosity and creating self interest. Naturally, people are drawn to issues that trigger their interest, especially those that are affiliated to them. The questions in such a scenario are usually, ‘what has this message got to do with me?’ or ‘where exactly do I come in here?’ these questions act as very strong yet subtle motivators that could be left in the form of a simple voicemail. This way, you have a higher chance of getting your ex to place that call.

Below is an example of a message that you could leave behind:

“Hey Charles, its Millie. I was calling you to make my appreciation known for reaching out to assist me when I needed it most. If you would call me back I would be very grateful. This is simply because I would want to thank you in person. Have an awesome day.”

You must be very cautious when leaving a message of this nature for your ex due to the fact that when he does eventually call, you may want to have clarity in what you say and how you say it. That one phone call has the capacity to change the course of everything that you have achieved so far. It is indeed a make or break point for you. Have a tangible plan of what you intend to say, and cash in on this opportunity.

You know what they say; you do not have a second chance to make a first impression. While this may not be a first impression in the real sense of the word, it is a first after the break up and is the more reason why you would need to seize the opportunity. Do not allow this to be the second ‘breakup’. If people who have been imprisoned and social misfits have the capacity to get their ex partners back using mind games and control techniques, there is indeed a chance that you can have your relationship back as well.