Having to find ways to deal with your ex after a break up has to be one of the trickiest situations to handle. This is because suddenly you have to address your ex as you would any other person, with little or no emotion at all. Regardless of whether you would like to get back together, or are taking some time off to think about how to move on, it is important to realize that how you interact with your ex is very pivotal. In fact, this could be the deciding point on how your lives will move on after the break up.

With the intense and raw emotions between both parties, there is a good chance that things are not so smooth between the two of you. Consequently, continued contact will only make the situation flare up, making things worse than they already are. The ideal thing to do at such a point is to keep communication to a minimal. How this plays out is really dependent on individual scenarios- this is because where kids are involved, and it may not be feasible to avoid contact. Keeping the right distance between you and your ex will help in providing a channel through which sudden flares can be contained.

after a breakupAnother advantage of cutting off links with your ex is that this will give both of you space top reflect on what you really want. When you keep clouding your ex’s space, it becomes a tad bit hard to reason and think rationally. Take this time off to redefine your priorities as well as strategize how to move on with your life. Even medical practitioners will tell you that getting some space, while it may not solve your immediate problems, is a very handy way of getting back on your feet. It also puts you in a better frame of mind to resolve the issues at hand and see whether you could get back with your ex.

If people who have been imprisoned and social misfits have the capacity to get their ex partners back using mind games and control techniques, there is indeed a chance that you can have your relationship back as well.

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