Are you aware of the best words to make your girl stay with you? Does it look like whenever you say something she pulls further away? What are the right words to win her back? For men, this will be very frustrating but however, there is hope. Would it surprise you to realize that nine words is the difference between having her in your own arms or watching her walking away.

So what are the words you ought to say? “I’m fine with your final decision to breakup.”

It will seem that saying this suggests that she can leave on good terms and you simply stay as friends. That, apparently, is the last thing you would like to know. However, not saying it would do you more harm, why so?

Women are confusing beings. Why would these words so crucial? The fact is, women want men to admire and desire them. They expect the man to plead with them to remain want to hear you missing them. So by actually telling them this, it shakes their confidence that you arent thinking about them. Some will come to you to bring her ego back up, which means you win her back instead.

By saying these words, the effect could be instantaneous or it may require a month before she reacts. You have already done what you can. In due course there’ll be a resolution, good or bad.

To win her back, there are 2 things to bear in mind.

– You mean what you said.

– She should be in a good mood or perhaps the right frame of mind to hear you say them.

Don’t mean what you say, what you said will be likely to backfire. It could be hard to try this sentence when the possibility of breaking up is there. So you should refocus your intent to WIN YOUR GIRL BACK and get into the mindset and keep a straight face when telling her.

If she’s someone you want to be with, then letting her come to you before you spring it on her is better. If you just blurt it out to her, the result may not be nearly powerful enough. Give your ex some space and time after this. Before you even know, she may want to call you, wanting to discuss again.

It’s possible to win her back into your arms. Anything after this is entirely your decision. The way you handle the whole thing will decide if she will stay or if she will go. The power behind those words is amazing because its a straightforward approach.

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