Your girlfriend wants a break. Once the initial shock left your body you started to come to the realization of what it actually meant. She wants time away from you. Obviously, she’s not enjoying the relationship as much as you are. She’s not finding the same fulfillment in the time you spend together and because of that she’s now telling you that you’re one step away from a break up.

Panic is the normal emotion a man feels in a situation like this. That panic can drive you to do things that you’ll soon regret. Begging her to stay, pleading with her to give you just one more chance or threatening her by saying she can never come back all fall under that umbrella. If you want to save the relationship and get her to feel connected to you again there are a few things you have to begin doing now. Timing, understanding and patience are all crucial if you hope to get her to reconsider.

If your girlfriend wants a break, fighting her on the issue is a sure way to lose her for good. If she’s come to you and explained that she needs some time apart, you absolutely must respect that. If you fly off into a fit of anger or if you fall apart into a puddle of tears, you are putting your own emotional needs before hers. This just shows her that she’s right in believing that she doesn’t matter as much to you as she wants to. That’s why it’s imperative that you keep yourself calm and listen to her compassionately as she explains her reasons for wanting some space.

Encouraging her to take some time away from the relationship may not feel like a good move but it’s actually a great way to show her that you want what’s best for her. If you tell her that you believe that a break will do you both good, you’ve actually accomplished two very important things in one fell swoop. You’ve not only shown her that you are listening to her and recognizing her needs but you’re also sending the subtle message to her that you aren’t all that happy in the relationship either. The moment a man expresses his need for space too, the woman won’t feel as in control of the relationship as she once did.

Take a time out from trying to save things. Yes, this seems counterproductive at first glance, but it’s not at all. If you relax and give your girlfriend the break she wants, you’ll be pulling her back to you without much effort. She’s expecting you to create a big fuss and call her continuously in an effort to get her to rethink what she’s doing. If her phone is silent and you never come around, she’ll soon see that you may be ready to break up with her. That’s often more than enough to get a woman to come running after a man again. Silence can help you tremendously right now so find the willpower to stay away from her and you’ll make her crave to be with you again.

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